Digital X-Rays in Santa Maria, CA

Digital X-Rays in Santa Maria, CA

Digital X-rays produce radiograph images of the body using electromagnetic waves and computer processing. They use an electronic sensor instead of photographic film to capture images. The electronic image can then be viewed on a computer. 

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Traditional film X-rays of the mouth use silver-mercury compounds that are highly toxic to the body. These compounds are also dangerous to the environment and must be disposed of properly. Digital X-rays are safer for the patient because they are computer-generated and use no chemicals to create the image. They also reduce radiation exposure compared to traditional film-based X-rays. 

What Dental Treatments Are Digital X-Rays Used For? 

Our dentist may recommend a digital X-ray for your comprehensive oral exam or for specific procedures. This form of imaging is less invasive, faster to produce, and less hazardous than traditional film-based X-rays. The digital X-ray technology allows our dentist to zoom in on specific areas of your teeth for a closer look. This helps in the early detection and diagnosis of oral health issues before they become significant problems. Digital X-ray images can be quickly and easily stored on a computer or sent electronically to a lab if needed.  

If a regular X-ray cannot detect an abnormality, a 3D cone beam scan may be recommended. It can take hundreds of images from different angles with far less radiation exposure than a traditional X-ray machine. These images are then used to create a series of cross-sectional images that can then be used to reconstruct a three-dimensional image of your mouth and other facial structures. This image lets the dentist see between the teeth and under the gums to detect any infections or tumors. Any follow-up treatment can then be planned based on the findings from the scans. 

The Advantages of Digital X-Rays

There are many advantages to using digital X-ray technology, including increased convenience and decreased radiation exposure. First, digital imaging saves time because you don’t have to wait for the film to be developed. Our dentist can view the images within seconds and adjust your treatment plan as needed.  

Additionally, digital imaging exposes patients to less radiation than traditional X-rays. The digital images can be processed and stored on a computer or laptop instead of X-ray film, which requires chemicals and light. Only a minimal amount of radiation is used to capture the digital image, so patients are exposed to less radiation than conventional X-rays. Overall, digital radiography is considered a safe alternative to traditional X-ray technology. 

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